Why to hold your kids safe internet browsing the ultimate answer 2016

Internet is a part of parcel or our everyday life. We cannot think to stay a day without internet. Most of our work is going easy for Internet. For the help of internet we can up to date our life with modern time. Though there is much thinks in our life but internet has placed good position on them.

Safe Internet Browsing For Kids

There are two types in our destiny. One is good/positive think and another think is bad/negative. Those two think is in a same circumstance. But we can't take the chance, so we need to do something that what we should choose. Most of the people will take positive section because they want to live safe. But the negative think is also a part, so it can't ignore.

In the internet bad or negative issues suffer more. Survey says that most of the searches on internet is adult related. And the kids are not on a safe zone. If we want kids safe in internet then we should protect kids internet browsing. We should give them a safe internet browsing weather.

If we really want to give a safe internet surface to our kids then need to follow some easy things. Such as monitoring their browsing, use of computer firewall, block adult IP’s, tech them right thinks etc. I know it’s not enough but it’s very good and effective for first step.

For the establishment of safe internet search parents should be strict. Parents should teach the kid what is right and what is wrong. It is their valuable duty to protect kids. They can try to give a fixed time to browsing internet. And they should give the right website to learning from online.

In the recent time a student can learn many things from online. From the science to commarts every data are available on internet. So any kid can learn from there. At the end we must create a environment to keep all kids safe on internet.

How To Add HTTP On Your Blogger Blog Free And Easy

How To Add HTTP On Your Blogger Blog Free And Easy

Blogger is a free and easy to create CSM system that invent by Google. Everyday huge websites and blogs are creating by this platform. Blogger is so much easy platform for create your blog or website in a simple steps. It is user friendly and responsive also. You can use it to your own and can customize as you want. So there i am coming to give you tricks as you need and want also. Today we will know How to add HTTP on your blogger blog free in a simple step. So lets begin...

10 Websites Making The Most Money From Internet 2015-16

Money Revenue Update

Online Earning is the most impotent thinks for recent world. Day by day we want to get everything from home. If it will occurred though online then no complain. So the brave human now use the chance and thinking about How to earn online. And gradually they invent website and try to earn money online. Here in this article i try to give complete map of How much social networking sites earn. So let know...

There are 10 websites that earn huge money

Amazon : $34,204,000,000 ($1,084 per second)

Founded in 1994 and currently employing 33,700 people, Amazon.com remains the world’s largest online retailers, with the highest revenue of any company on this list. Selling an assortment of products across the world in countries as far as the UK, Austria, Japan and China, Amazon is no longer just an online retailer, they’re the head of a very large family of companies such as IMDb, Lovefilm, Zappos and Alexa. There’s no doubt that Amazon has made a huge difference with where we shop in the last 15 years, with the closest website runner up in sales being Staples with less than a third of the sales of Amazon.

Google : $29,321,000,000 ($929 per second)

Google’s ability to come in and create instantly popular features such as Google+, make it a force to be reckoned with for any website. The current leader in internet traffic is Facebook, so Google recently came out with their answer to that; ‘Google+’. Starting out in 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google grew into most users ‘go-to’ site for searching the internet, and their user friendly mottos of ‘to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’ and perhaps more importantly ‘Don’t be evil’, has helped them to become the globally recognised brand that they are today.

eBay : $9,156,000,000 ($290 per second)

Founded back in 1995 (beginning to see a pattern emerging here) by Pierre Omidyar, this is without a doubt the best and most successful alternative to traditional online shopping, where you can effectively cut out retailer to buy and sell between user and user, cutting costs and raising money for unwanted goods. Founded in 1995, eBay has acquired 35 companies in the past 13 years including 6 online auction sites in the US, South Korea, India, France and Sweden, ensuring that they’re the no.1 name in online actions. They’ve even used some of the money that they’ve raised in the past to buy companies like Skype, before selling them for profit.

Yahoo! : $6,324,000,000 ($200 per second)

We often think of Yahoo! as the company that could never quite keep up with Google, even though it’s 2 years older, yet Yahoo! is so much more. At no.4 on this list, it has a mammoth revenue, and the site covers many similar areas to Google, only just not as well. Yahoo! was founded back in March of 1995 and they certainly have their fingers in a lot of pies, acquiring over 60 different companies in the last 16 years. As far as search engine traffic goes, I get 64 times the amount of traffic from Google, so it is in fact these acquisitions and ventures that make them a hell of a lot of money, not their search engine.

Alibaba : $5,557,600,000 ($176 per second)

Alibaba is the ultimate business-to-business tool and brings together importers and exporters from more than 240 countries and regions, all in one place. Alibaba focuses on facilitating trade between users across the world, and AliExpress focuses on smaller transactions between buyers and sellers worldwide. With 65 million registered users in more than 240 countries and offices in more than 70 locations worldwide, they’re the market leader in online world goods trade.

Expedia, Inc. : $3,348,000,000 ($106 per second)

Founded in 1996 as a division of Microsoft, Expedia, Inc. own a range of travel brands from Hotels.com to Tripadvisor, and their massive affiliate network has boosted their revenue to an all time high in recent years. Back in 2008, Fortune labeled Expedia one of the top 3 most admired internet companies, and one of the best managed companies in the same year. In the 15 years that they’ve been around, they’ve become the 1-stop shop for booking a holiday, covering every aspect of travel, and making them no.1 in the online travel industry.

Priceline : $3,072,240,000 ($97 per second)

Priceline specialise in facilitating the sale of flights, hotels, cars, vacation and cruises and are famous for their ‘name your own price’ system. In this system, travellers would name the price they wanted to pay, the service level they wanted and the general location, but, the companies used, exact location of hotels and flight itineraries were only revealed once the purchase had gone through and the customer had no right to cancel. It’s an unusual idea, but it seems to have done very well for them and their celebrity endorsers. William Statner, who was hired as a spokesperson for the company, chose stock over pay and is rumored to have sold a large majority of it right before the dot-com bubble burst and has made approximately $600 million from it.

AOL : $2,417,000,000 ($77 per second)

Founded all the way back in 1991 as America Online, and rebranded as AOL in 2006, AOL is best known for it’s online software suite, where, at it’s prime, 30 million members worldwide would access the internet through this community. Business may be good compared to some of the other companies on the list, but when you compare what they made in 2010, to what they made in 2006 (when the company went through it’s rebranding), they now make less than a third of what they did. The trouble was bloated and outdated software, overpriced services and the fact that they were no longer keeping up with the pace of the fast moving online world, or providing high demand services anymore. Sure it’s making a lot of money, but we expect to see it lower on this list next year.

NetFlix : $2,160,000,000 ($68 per second)

This is a relatively young company compared to some of the others on this list, founded back in 1997, NetFlix is a subscription based, online streaming and postal DVD rental company that is expanding across the world. They’ve built their reputation on their business model on a flat fee subscription, without late fees or due dates, and the ability to rent more than one film at a time. They’ve excelled where Blockbuster have failed and that’s evident in their respective companies revenues over the last 5 years. NetFlix recognised what was wrong with the movie rental industry, and saw where the future was going, and then went there with it. They’re coming to the UK very soon.

Facebook : $2,000,000,000 ($63 per second)

So popular, they even made a movie about it. As the youngest company on this list so far, founded in only 2004, Facebook currently has more than 750 million active users on it and has blown other social networks such as Myspace and Bebo out of the water when it comes to popularity. Started by the world’s youngest billionaire-Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook is not without it’s problems, including, considerable legal battles and rival companies. With a pattern of social networks losing their overinflated worth and huge following, and the recent launch of Google+, who knows what’s in store for Facebook in the coming months.

Slow Internet Problem Full And Update Solution

 Slow Internet Problem Full And Update Solution

Internet is a part of our everyday life. We use it on our tech devices. It gives us easy way to access the whole world web. It is very irritable when we getting our content slowly. Slow connection is the possible reason for that. And most internet users have only one question that why is my internet so slow ? There have many possible reasons for slow internet connection. I will explain it gradually.

Slow Internet Speed! Why?

ISP (Internet Service Provider) Problem : It is a great problem which is occurs some times. If you use free internet or lowest rate data, your connection will be slow. If you use modem or mobile for connect to internet, your connection will be slow. If you use broadband connection in multiple computer it occurs slow internet. Every ict expert recommend one pc one connection. So if you want to speed up your internet, you should follow above advice.
Type of Visited Website : It is another reason for slow down internet. If you are visit simple and low image websites, the connection will be fast. High classified java script mostly slow down internet for visit. Example, open your browser and type www.facebook.com and enter. Open another tab and type m.facebook.com and enter. Now watch out which site open fast. I guarantee m.facebook.com will open fast because it runs simple script.
Version of Hardware : If you don’t use latest version of hardware, your connection will be slow. Because pc speed are depends on high class processors. If you use latest/new hardware, your pc will perform fast experience. otherwise you will face slow internet connection problem.
Area of Connections : Coverage of network maintain connection. So it is important for speed up internet. Type of network is the main think of slow/fast internet. If you use wi-fi, it will give fast speed. If you use broadband, it will give faster then wi-fi.
Version of Browser : We use browsers for browse internet. If your browser isn’t up to date it will give us bad experience. Latest browsers can speed up internet by their own command. So it is important that use update browser.
Attack of Virus : If your system got virus attack, your connection will slow down. Virus attack your system and born junk file and slow device performance.
Using Device : wi-max is most faster device today. It will give fast access in internet from wi-fi. And internet speed depends on powerful device.
This is why your internet connection is so slow. My next article will be How to fix slow internet connection? So stay with http://bloggerarko.blogspot.com and do what you want. You also need to read How to get rocket internet speed on your computer with DNS hack . Have a nice day.

How To Download Torrent Using Latest IDM With A Single Click

How To Download Torrent Using Latest IDM With A Single Click

Every internet or computer user heard a word that is Torrent. This is a system which delivered big data in a single click. We use torrent files but don’t know how to download it. That’s why, it follow some rules. And needs software and a torrent website for download torrent. It is so critical for some user so needs some easy way to download it with simple steps. IDM can help a user to increase the download speed to 5x using IDM instead of using Torrent Software. So in this article I try to give the most significant answer of How to download torrent files using IDM? So let’s take a look.

What is IDM?

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a download system for computer. It gives us actual data speed for downloading any file. If we use slow internet connection problem then we must need IDM to download. If you haven’t IDM then download it from IDM latest. Coz we need it to solve torrent download.
There were many ways to download torrent, but IDM is the easiest way. For download torrent with IDM, we need to convert torrent in a simple file. There are a best website to convert torrent. That is ZbigZ.com. Now follow the below steps gradually:

Step – 1:

Go to www.kickasstorrent.com and download the torrent file, or right click on download torrent link and click on Copy Link As.


Step – 2:

Open ZbigZ.com and paste the copied link in the text field or upload torrent. And then press Go..


Step – 3:

If you want to download 1GB torrent then select free. Or you want to download 1GB+ then select premium.


Step – 4:

Now wait for convert your file in a simple file and ready for download. After ready to download the file, simply click on the download button.


Step – 5:

Now your IDM download box will appear. And click on download now and your download will start.
Hope that you are successfully finished your steps and enjoy this article. Leave a comment bellow if you got problems. I will try my best for solve your problem. Thanks

How To Get Rocket Internet Speed On Your Computer Free With DNS Hack

How To Get Rocket Internet Speed On Your Computer Free With DNS Hack

Internet is the most significant word today. It helps us to browse the whole world in a click. By the help of internet we can do our essential works in a simple time. This is a good environment we had on internet. In this article I will share a question that every internet user asked. The question is How to speed up my internet? So let’s go though the answer.

The one and only easy answer about the question is DNS hack. But before the solution you need to know what DNS is?  

What is DNS?
Domain Name System - DNS is something that converts your domain names into IP addresses. Though internet works with an IP address, so we need to provide IP for browsing. The DNS converts the domain name into its corresponding IP address, each time it is used as such. The DNS has a network of its own i.e. one DNS server can ask other DNS servers about translating a specific domain name to its corresponding IP address till it gets the correct result.

Ok now you know about DNS. Now we are going to hack it. Follow below steps.
          Step 1:
       Open Control Panel
          Step 2:
       Go to Network and Internet options.


          Step 3:
       Click on Network and Sharing Center.


          Step 4:
      Click on your Internet Connection and then click on Properties.


          Step 5:
      Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.


          Step 6:
      Now choose the following DNS server addresses to get a faster internet speed:

       ·         Preferred DNS server:
       ·         Alternate DNS server:


   Now time to Config IPv6:
Highlight the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click on Properties, and choose the  following DNS server addresses:

        ·         Preferred DNS server: 2620:0:ccc::2
        ·         Alternate DNS server: 2620:0:ccd::2


              Replace those addresses with the IP addresses of the Google DNS servers in step 6.

       ·         For IPv4: and/or
       ·         For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844

There are more benefits of OpenDNS and Google DNS other than getting a faster internet speed. Usually if the DNS server of your service provider goes down you become unable to use the internet, but with OpenDNS and Google DNS method, even if the service providers DNS server is down, you can surf the internet normally.

How to Refresh Full Computer with a single click

How to Refresh Full Computer with a single click

Computer is becoming the part of everyday life. We use it from morning till night. It creates an easy life for us. We use it for doing our necessary work. We know that computer is an electrical device. So it have bugs, sometime it create big problem. 

Today I will share a big and common problem. That is “why my computer is so slow?” 

Possible reasons:

  • Low space: Low space on C drive can cause this problem.

  • Background Open Apps: If you open so much unnecessary application on you background it will slow down your PC/LapTop.

  • Virus: This is the main reason for slow down your device. Sometimes it will crash your full system. So be careful about Virus.

  • Unnecessary installed app:  Unnecessary or unused installed software will slowdown your Computer.

There have so much reason for slow computer that I don’t know at all.

Complete Solution:

Now watch how to fix this problem with a single click…
Follow this step by step.

1. Open your Notepad
2. Now copy or type this below code & paste it on Notepad
Echo Off













3. And save it refresh.bat extension

4. Now double click on refresh.bat file
Now your full computer is fresh.

If there have any problem then download the zip file and extract it on your desktop. Now open it by double click.

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